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Can eco-tourism help save the ocean? | The Economist

The coral triangle is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. More people live in these waters than anywhere else in the world, but here in Indonesia, destructive fishing practices and illegal poaching threaten whole species. machaca tanga daddy kombucha to me here, in ménage à la comida and on the Bionic Millennium bicycle truce, when the African diamond tiara in Barangay sings in the Dominican Republic, singing in Fortas, happening on de la Cami, which they started in Telugu. Such an innovative business model, developed by this couple, not only revived the local economy, but you can also imagine the amazing impact on the marine life of the world, what the world could look like if every private enterprise, if every tourist operation protected any then a small area of ​​his backyard, and his team of ocean rangers received reports of poaching turtles on a neighboring island, in which they are located in the middle of the sea-protected marine area located in the eastern part of donezii, a nature reserve area of ​​465 square miles where all fishing is forbidden, the success of the marine protected area depends on how the Rangers stop illegal fishing in their ways, they are working together with the military police, which is authorized to make arrests and seize vessels. The fate of any poachers they intercept will remain in the hands of the community. Camille Walter Campbell: we are quickly in second place among the honored ones. Kampo and Tony are very concerned that the Rangers are in fact their unsung heroes in this marine protected area. There is daytime and nighttime rain or shine, intercepting illegal fishermen in quite dangerous situations to ensure that the area is protected and all this can continue. Miners Andrew and Marit first came here in 2005 during a diving trip. They were shocked to find out when we arrived at Barbie Island at Pat’s missile system. It is difficult to describe the scene of the bloody massacre that we met, there were remnants of a shark swimming camp, there were black-shark guys swimming around the dead in the water r This is really a scene of destruction and devastation from the moment we decided that we really need to make a position and protect this area and stop the killing of these sharks, they appealed to the leadership of local villages with a request to lease the land and surrounding waters to them, and in a bold plan to save this ecosystem, a marine protected area was created, Otori will sustainably financed a luxurious eco-resort, when we first began to build on the island every night, when we looked at the horizon, he was full of lights from the fishing boats that these people destroyed illegally. reefs and local fish stocks. The task of Andrew and Moritz was to provide an economic alternative to hundreds of villagers who rely entirely on the ocean. We have created a whole new set of economic opportunities for local residents, who employ more than 200 people. people and all those people get their income from non-mining work, our Mads has been working as a ranger for two years patrolling the reef and carrying out anti-poaching missions like this, but like many people in this area, it has not always been a conservationist, he went from fishing to fishing to fishermen, because ideas and rockets were 15 million seikas Purnami from JD alicetin million bamboo Rick and Huvid and Tarot Goth Delhomme says hurry to miss Aminta pozzolanic or Hugh, this area is one of most frequently affected by turtles Nyerov, thinks he noticed something, this Beach is a popular nesting place for green and hawk-turtles that are endangered, turtles in their most vulnerable Nesting on the beach, yes, it hurts sala Satu Japanese Emperor Berteus Madame Jami, they quickly deploy our own feather yo satu dua tiga pass on to Lima, and now you like Lupita Jan Tempeh Lupita Yaga B.R. John Sarang Sarang, when you need Erica’s most autonomous data, when you’re online, only one in 1000 sea turtles will live to adulthood, so it’s very important that each egg is protected Soon after the appearance of armored spots, there are some obvious signs of poaching in Shepparton Ellen Yin Don Don Cassini made America a new Guinea, it seems that it is too often found, since animal populations inside the protected area continue to grow, so the threat from poaching is growing than you guys say on the @cd set, when you are young, you can attach a rusty bullet, choking, yes, yes, the apartment from illegal fishermen has always been present for the last 12 years, there have been extraordinary changes in this area: in some areas the biomass of fish has increased by six hundred percent and now the reserve has 25 times more sharks than just outside, given the incredible explosion of fish biomass.

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