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Trash found littering ocean floor in deepest-ever sub dive

Now the American researcher has allegedly completed the deepest dive of a person into the sea ever recorded for more information about this and other news from around the world, let’s turn to our Hon to you, so this is a remarkable achievement that cannot be denied, but the researcher …

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Tesla And Maxwell Technologies

Tesla recently closed a Maxwell Technologies purchase deal, which is a big, big deal. This is another of the list of things that investors and analysts do not seem to fully understand how much it can push Tesla even further ahead of the competition. But before moving on to this, …

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The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

When you think of the word nuclear, what comes to mind? This is probably some kind of scary thought. I can’t blame anyone for being nervous. This is a technology that we have been using for decades, which can actually reduce global warming, but this is not something that environmentalists …

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Research – Closing The Ocean Plastic Mass Balance

I am Mathias Egger, I am a marine scientist working in Ocean Cleanup, and I study ocean plastic pollution. My research is mainly focused on the question of how much plastic is in the ocean and where it ultimately turns out. So, how many are floating on the surface and …

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Ocean Bay Middle FIRST Technology Challenge!

Thank you for joining us. My name is Christine Getzman, and you are probably more than just familiar with FIRST Robotics, our elementary, middle and high schools have been participating in this global competition for many years, and this month the regional competition FIRST Robotics is taking place in Myrtle …

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Why The Ocean Can’t Fix The Drought

California is the fourth year of a severe drought, but it is near the largest ocean on the planet. Some of our viewers want to know why they just don’t use it? Hello everyone, Julian is here for DNews. California is thirsty. In addition to nearly 39 million inhabitants, California …

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