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Farms under the sea could feed the world in 2050

This is a small farmhouse in California. – You can feed the mussel alone. If you are in the past 50 years, – People are really actively looking to the ocean for the future. Oceans cover the earth’s surface. But now they produce only 2% of our food. – You …

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Kelp Could Save Our Oceans — If You Eat It (HBO)

“According to a new climate study conducted today, significant human carbon emissions actually began more than 100 years before scientists thought. This may shift the tipping point of an irreversible temperature increase even closer. One of the main causes of anthropogenic climate change is industrial agriculture. But a new form …

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The Nimitz Encounters

(quiet rumble) – The vast expanses of Nevada stretch to the horizon. In these mountain fortresses are hidden some of the deepest and darkest secrets of America. Secret planes and other legends of Zone 51. Today, among these sandstone canyons, a new glimpse of truth has appeared. Covered in mystery, …

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Did The Ocean Cleanup Project Fail?

You’ve probably seen this before. Most likely, it was one of those things that you saw around Facebook for about a week, and then never heard from again. This is the first stand-alone Ocean Cleanup system. It was launched in September 2018, and since then little has been heard about …

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Mystery As New Plane Crashes Into The Ocean | NBC Nightly News

Tonight is still a mystery that made this brand new plane crash into mobile phones and the luggage of passengers floating in the water, but search teams did not find survivors, and families of 189 passengers and pilots now face the heartbreaking opportunity that they probably all The departing lions, …

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Can conservation save our ocean? | The Economist

so we will follow these guys and see where they go, maybe they will go to their networks, which are somewhere here, the crew of this ship is in a mission to try to save one of the most threatened sea creatures on the planet we are now our installation …

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