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How sea cucumbers can help the ocean | The Economist

The ocean is facing an ecological catastrophe, you know that in reality we are faced with an emergency situation on the planet, when these ecosystems disappear, overfishing is a time bomb for both the planet and people. Hundreds of millions of people depend on tropical and small-scale fisheries for their …

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Why Did Microsoft Put a Data Center Underwater?

“Cloud computing” has become a buzzword for several years; this is the term when software, data storage and processing are processed remotely on a server somewhere, and not on the local device you work on. Despite its high name, it does not occur in some kind of mystical cloud, but …

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The Robots Roaming the High Seas

Smart. Inviolable. And without the people aboard, these sailing boats pave their own course across the waters of the San Francisco Bay. If this guy gets his way, soon a hundred of them will rummage around in the ocean to get data. (electronic music) This is Richard Jenkins. And he …

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Secrets of the deep ocean | The Economist

Deep under the surface of the ocean live vast areas of the seabed, which humanity has never explored. This is a camera control. Can we reduce the speed to one node, please, now modern technology provides these scientists with an unprecedented opportunity to remove it. to the bottom to conduct …

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How Close Are We to Completely Mapping the Ocean?

We explored the jungle, desert, Arctic, even the moon. But one place still remains a largely unexplored enigma; our oceans Oceans occupy about 70% of the Earth’s surface, but we know more about the geography of Mars than about what lies at the bottom of the sea. But all this …

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The Ocean Cleanup Technology, Explained

a trillion pieces of plastic floats on the surface of the Great Pacific Trash. Ocean Cleanup is deploying the world’s first technology solution to this growing problem. The principle underlying this is simple: create a coastline where there is none … concentrate plastic … and pull it out. The system …

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