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How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

We’ve come to an underground car park just outside tel-aviv To meet someone who’s going to show us how easy it is to launch a cyberattack on almost any modern car Just like any connected computer everything that you connect to the Internet is vulnerable at the end So this is true the same way two parts Zip is using a wireless adapter that enables internet access to hack into the car’s Wi-Fi which is now standard on new vehicles What’s weird about this little experiment? We’re doing is that I’ve got no idea what it is that he’s gonna be trying –less So we’re gonna start small playing a bit with her windows Then putting the windows up and down Let’s play a bit with four blinkers Say the left indicates going on the right indicates coming on So now he’s messing with the miles-an-hour thing It’s gone all the way up to 220 kilometres an hour the rebel misses going all over the place This would freak you out if you didn’t know if it’s being done on purpose And I know it’s completely disabled engine malfunction The fact that he can do all of this means that he could very easy just Ram this straight into that wall in front of us That experience in the experiment that we just did that it’s probably the first time where I’ve thought Hacking could physically cause harm to me How many cars in the world do you think you could do the same thing to right now today? I would say that most of them are vulnerable or susceptible to hackers attacks Though there aren’t any cars made in Israel the world’s top auto security companies are Israeli and they’re all parts of a wave of cyber Innovation that’s sweeping across the country Israel has become a world leader in cyber Technology and all of the Israeli companies who are at the forefront of that revolution are inside this building? There are over 10,000 people here from all over the world and what many of them have come here to hear is Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister laying out what this country is a global leader in a field Few years ago.

I set the goal for Israel and becoming one of the top 5 cybersecurity powers in the world It’s a goal. We’ve met Today is roughly one-fifth of the world’s global private investment in cybersecurity You’re in a wonderful business It’s endless in fact Israel receives more venture capital funds per person than any other country in the world Has become known as the startup nation To understand how Israel became a global leader in this field we spoke with Israeli journalist and senior defense correspondent Alain ben david has a very small community There is practically an island you’re completely surrounded with nations that you cannot cross to Israel developed creativity to compensate for its lack of resources And it is a country that needs to conduct constant surveillance on the neighbors as a country which is under constant annihilation threat by other nations Israel understood many years ago that going into Wars and launching massive military operations it bares almost unbearable prices first in human lives in in terms of economic costs in terms of international legitimacy So cyber was the right answer for many things that Israel needed to do.

Do you think Israel’s? Private cybersecurity industry is essentially the child of the Israeli military’s affairs Oh absolutely the whole of these very cyber industry relies on knowledge gathered by people serving in Israel’s different security agencies in the military Military service is mandatory for most Israeli citizens And one of the largest parts of the Israeli Defense Force is its cyber and intelligence units these entire units and some 20,000 cyber soldiers are now being relocated to bear sheba a desert city which is quickly becoming Israel’s, Silicon Valley This military industrial cyber complex is said to be the largest infrastructure project in Israel’s history We spoke with the CEO behind this five billion dollar undertaking Ronny’s our Harvey What’s the significance of the military being a part of all of this because? Going to the service is compulsory. You can look at the Israeli army as the largest HR organization in the world because practically speaking they start scanning the layers of the Israeli population and position divided people in the right places Especially in ‘light units so if you think about it you take somebody who is 18 years of age and you get them exposed to the state-of-the-art technology to the highly advanced paradigms and methodologies so when they go out of the service at the age of 23 24 from an IBM point of view or from EMC point of view or from Intel point of view Somebody has a reticle already conducted the screening and already selected the best that can get in that sense But the initial screening and recruitment process for the IDF’s most elite cyber units actually begins much earlier in 2013 the Ministry of Defence helped create a national program for high school students interested in learning more about the realm of cyber These after-school classes have become unofficial feeder programs for the IDF cyber units we met with a recruiter for one of those units c4i who could not reveal her identity Because of her security clearance my man djay Ali mr..

Shah pneumococcus. It’s been robots know in Keynesian a bill among vishal banana oil shares remedy now Reading show officially we speak has officially 20 me to get him to forgive me my disciple The Kahana home anonymity didn’t even bill tell the movie much. I’m gonna me You know that all of it are Different but there does seem to be sound that stick out in the hierarchy so for example 1801 I’m a dime For decades unit 8200 was a closely guarded secret Partially because this elite cyber and intelligence division doesn’t just provide defense in fact They’re responsible for one of the most aggressive cyber attacks in history Stuxnet a cyber attack that sabotage the Iranian nuclear program by destroying centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear Facility is widely believed to be a joint operation of unit 8200 and the NSA and in 2014 Forty three former members of 8,200 wrote an open letter to the prime minister Refusing to serve because the unit’s widespread use of surveillance We met with one of the soldiers who signed a letter as really intelligence is everywhere literally ever in the Palestinian territories Doesn’t matter whether they’re suspect of something or not whether they’re political activists, they’re whatever No one’s off-limits.

What’s wrong with that if you’re at war with another people. You’ve got complete surveillance Sounds like quite an advantage the problem is when it goes beyond Insecurity if someone is about to do an attack in Tel Aviv Then I could see why we’d want to know where he is or where he’s going But if you’ve got his brother his sister His cousin his cousin’s friends all of them tapped as well Then that’s where it clearly crosses the line She find out that someone might be having an affair someone is gay when you come across that Information instead of it being put away is irrelevant it’s something that you would send forward, and it would be used if someone’s cheating on their wife and The United Students of discovered this what’s the benefit of having that information? Israel can approach them and get them to cooperate one way or another be it get some information go photograph some places and What they get out of it is their secret it has not been revealed blummo Yeah, you can color blackmail Despite its shadowy reputation one thing is clear the skills and methods see soldiers learning h200 were extremely profitable on the free market These veterans have gone on to create tech startups worth billions of dollars and the most prestigious tech companies actively recruit former eights 200 members Charan nemirovsky served in one of the IDF’s technological units before founding a company called one her limited Companies are his team to attack their systems to assess and then fix any weaknesses So at the moment around this table your colleagues here are Actually attacking they’re actually attacking company these days it only takes an email to control you I can send you a PDF file and when he opens it he gets a Hostile file installed on his computer after he gets it Everything he strokes on his keyboard He’s being transferred to the Internet every password every credit card number every email you send Now what do you do with that data after you collect it? You sell it you sell it on the darknet Everything you just want to know you can buy here business profiles Social Security numbers of the employees date of birth wrongs hospital in New York, they stole thirty four thousand patient records Health care will be the most profitable Information today, what’s this? That’s an email from Senator McCain? John McCain’s emails floating around the governor While the origin is Senator McCain’s emails remains uncertain The power of hacked emails and data breaches became abundantly clear during the 2016 election President Obama blaming Russia For interfering in the u.s..

Elections Beyond the risks data breaches and hacker markets potential threats to critical infrastructure including physical facilities are also becoming indisputable We met up with Barrett Pearlman an age 200 vet and founder of energy a start-up to build cybersecurity Networks for industrial facilities that could be vulnerable to knows What happened in the last decade or so was the interconnectivity between these systems? I want to access Anytime anywhere to any place quite convenient in very convenient for the operators and making it more convenient for their hackers The type of control systems that essentially manage the pumps and the valves in all these facility were designed Twenty years ago thirty years ago. They are very easily penetrable very easy to disable them very easy to manipulate them.

Could you do that? so the short answer is yes I Retract into the reservoir systems to show us how dangerous a simple piece of malware could be? First he shut down the valves which drain the sewage Simultaneously he manipulated the system’s display to indicate that everything was operating almond Is not a big red sign saying alert You’ve been hacked exactly the eventual result of this would be the reservoirs filling up and having a toxic overflow This is theoretical can you give me an example of where this happened in the real world so I like to refute the fact that it’s Theoretical because as recent as a few months ago in the Ukraine power grid that was being shut down industrial control systems got hacked Few years ago we had reporting by the German government that a furnace was being blown up in steel mill due to a cyberattack It’s the same industrial control systems if I hacked one of them.

I can hack presumably all the others at war This is without exaggeration the life-threatening attacks if I pack into a pharmaceutical plant and I change the composure of the drugs if I pack into an oil rig and cause an oil spill if I Create too much pressure in oil pipelines all of these is no longer Data and privacy issues it start to be safety and life threatening situations.

I have zero doubt in my mind that currently critical infrastructures in the Western world Already have more Wars inside Just ready for someone to press that red button and shut off a power grid the weapons are loaded essentially I think so That’s exactly the definition ideas While cybersecurity companies become more and more in demand the crippling potential of cyber warfare only continues to grow What we’re talking about here is a total revolution of the whole concept of war It changes everything we thought about war and how it’s been conducted And what are the rules and who is the enemy and can you recognize the enemy at all? many countries have very Dangerous cyber tools some are using it viciously like the Russians like the Chinese And are not shy of using them against other countries We all understand the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, and we all understand the vulnerabilities of privacy But what troubles me is the ability to affect the mindset of masses the mindset of Republic The Russians were manipulating American public mindset, that’s scary and that I suspect would eventually undermine most of Western democracies in the coming decade I fear that the good 70 years post World War two of Prospering democracies in the Western world and prosperity economic prosperity are over You

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