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Message In A Bottle Connects Across An Ocean And Decades | NBC Nightly News

The Florida Keys has a rhythm in all its vibrant colored houses, soaring in the wild and soft sea breezes. Today is nice and clear. Ruth and Li-ha-Nagar call this piece of Ki-Largo house last September as Hurricane Irma, which brought down its slice of paradise on hurricane 3 categories. as it looked here, it was rather dirty, as expensive agouri began to clean the streets around their neighborhood, they found something very unusual, it looked like a piece of garbage, it was right here, among the garbage, treasure, you always think that we will find a note in a bottle, and this time we made this letter, written by a child, which said that we would learn all about pirates who would like to know how far the search will progress in the last three years. Angus Scotland has 4,500 miles and a retired teacher, Fiona Karl, who studied for a lifetime, used to teach her elementary school students in Scotland everything related to pirates, and the children thought it was a lot of fun in 1992, like a cool Fion project. and the students handed over five messages in five bottles to the local fisherman and asked him to throw them into the North Sea, we just thought if they would get to what they finally managed to do – a small world after dear Agurs answered, I was completely stunned, I simply could not believe that the bottle had been in the water for so long, and that she had traveled so far that Fiona and the hunter Gers had since kept in touch with the former students of the young Fiona pirates, as the story spread to Facebook. The perfect trip to Scotland, oh, yes, now it’s on our list of two very different places, connected a long time ago by a letter and sea Maya Rodriguez, NBC News Key Largo Florida, hello, NBC News fans, thanks for checking out our YouTube channel to subscribe by clicking on this button click here for any video here to view the latest interviews featuring highlights and digital exclusives, thanks for watching

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