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Ocean Bay Middle FIRST Technology Challenge!

Thank you for joining us. My name is Christine Getzman, and you are probably more than just familiar with FIRST Robotics, our elementary, middle and high schools have been participating in this global competition for many years, and this month the regional competition FIRST Robotics is taking place in Myrtle Beach . One of our high schools opened and participated in the new FIRST contest called The First Technology Challenge, which will visit these students who are the first to participate in this first lesson, plus we will give you the dates and times of the first regional competition. here is the information about our 8th annual technology fair, which will be held in March. All this right now, when we take you to Horry County Schools. These are familiar images that students proudly demonstrate and compete with the robots that they invented, designed and programmed for the FIRST Robotics Competition. I stand behind our robot, Mr. Roboto, he can collect and shoot balls like a basketball hoop. But usually we only see Lego League robots, we see these robots made by high school students. Yes, you see these school robots on this big jump. It was then that members of the LEGO League Robotics team from Ocean Bay High School saw the first technology robot at their last competition. It is much more difficult, and we have been playing in the LEGO League for a long time. do something completely different. The first LEGO League is more of a multi-choice test, while there are pre-defined things, and this first technical task is more of an essay test, because you write your own code, you do more of your things, and it is not predefined In this programming, you have to write it yourself, so it is much more difficult. You have to memorize more things, yes, but it gives you the opportunity to use more, you can have methods, variables, classes, things that are not even in programming – this is the very first Horry County Schools robotic team to take part in the FIRST Technology competition. Challenge, and although this is a new team, they feel as if they won, and we organized at the beginning of the season what we wanted to get a competition with a working Robot, and we wanted to score, and we met it all. In addition to the robot, we did an excellent job with the students participating in the competition, and the first to test the technology should show the judges the process they went through in order to build and program their robot. In the design process, you develop solutions, and in the journal of engineering there is a kind of cataloging of what you do, so that you can go back and find out what the measurements we did before, so some people think that maybe something programmed and you changed the value, but perhaps that value was not. ” in fact, what you had to change is what the engineering journal is cataloging, because they can come back and return this initial value, yes, this is basically what we do. I am delighted with the first technologies that threw the floor and demonstrated their robot and other FIRST competitions that they wanted to show, and see what happens one more thing, we can do more, yes, they were very excited and not only that , to be the first one in Horry County about what we can say: “Listen, we can go to other schools, tell them about it and delight them.” My favorite part was going to the competition n, competing, meeting all the other teams leading the robot on the field. See innovative solutions. They were even recognized for their hard work and enthusiasm. We were the only team that had seventh graders in, this is the youngest age you can be, and we had the smallest number of participants from all this. Yes, so we really went out and won the award. Surprisingly, we won the Kinect Award, which is designed to share with your community first, so that our very first team of Horry County Schools is waiting for us in the future, which will take the first technological challenge that we are already planning on doing it next year. , we are going to, we will have meetings at which we are going to hire, maybe another participant who we are going to introduce into our program, is going to start making our technical journal before the announcement of the successful season begins and congratulate rvuyu team for technological tests in high school Ocean Bay. They, as I said, were the first in our district to take part in this particular robotics competition, and they want you to compete with them next year, if you want more information about the first technology challenge, please call Ocean Bay Middle at nine zero three eight four two zero, and they will connect you with a team of volunteers and trainers, it is amazing what you can invent and create to these children, and in

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