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The SeaOrbiter: A Spaceship in the Ocean!?!

This Sea Orbiter is not a concept from the latest JJ Abrams Star Trek movie – even though it looks like an underwater version of a spaceship merged with a sailboat … This is real life soon arriving in the ocean – there is a research ship near you. It …

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The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

When you think of the word nuclear, what comes to mind? This is probably some kind of scary thought. I can’t blame anyone for being nervous. This is a technology that we have been using for decades, which can actually reduce global warming, but this is not something that environmentalists …

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Did The Ocean Cleanup Project Fail?

You’ve probably seen this before. Most likely, it was one of those things that you saw around Facebook for about a week, and then never heard from again. This is the first stand-alone Ocean Cleanup system. It was launched in September 2018, and since then little has been heard about …

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The Robots Roaming the High Seas

Smart. Inviolable. And without the people aboard, these sailing boats pave their own course across the waters of the San Francisco Bay. If this guy gets his way, soon a hundred of them will rummage around in the ocean to get data. (electronic music) This is Richard Jenkins. And he …

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