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Why the Ocean Has a Twilight Zone | Unveiled

What is the Twilight Zone of the Ocean? Is it possible that the Earth has a hidden place, just hidden from sight, filled with wonderful and inconspicuous views? Filled with strange, luminous animals that even our wildest fantasies could not come up with, creating an ecosystem so elusive and unique …

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Research – Closing The Ocean Plastic Mass Balance

I am Mathias Egger, I am a marine scientist working in Ocean Cleanup, and I study ocean plastic pollution. My research is mainly focused on the question of how much plastic is in the ocean and where it ultimately turns out. So, how many are floating on the surface and …

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What Lives At The BOTTOM Of The Mariana Trench?

From ax-shaped fish to bone-eating zombies, here are 10 crazy things that live in the deepest place on Earth !!! Welcome to the Mariana Trench! 10. Fried shark Fried shark has been around for a long time. They are “living fossils” that are believed to have floated somewhere between 95 …

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Secrets of the deep ocean | The Economist

Deep under the surface of the ocean live vast areas of the seabed, which humanity has never explored. This is a camera control. Can we reduce the speed to one node, please, now modern technology provides these scientists with an unprecedented opportunity to remove it. to the bottom to conduct …

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