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The SeaOrbiter: A Spaceship in the Ocean!?!

This Sea Orbiter is not a concept from the latest JJ Abrams Star Trek movie – even though it looks like an underwater version of a spaceship merged with a sailboat … This is real life soon arriving in the ocean – there is a research ship near you. It …

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Deep Sea Fish Farming in Geodesic Domes: Upgrade

Fifty years ago, almost everything we ate from the sea was wild, and the emergence of aquaculture was one of the major changes in fish. Approximately half of what we eat from the sea is grown if we think that this ethical shift in unbound aquapods will have the immediate …

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Kelp Could Save Our Oceans — If You Eat It (HBO)

“According to a new climate study conducted today, significant human carbon emissions actually began more than 100 years before scientists thought. This may shift the tipping point of an irreversible temperature increase even closer. One of the main causes of anthropogenic climate change is industrial agriculture. But a new form …

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Secrets of the deep ocean | The Economist

Deep under the surface of the ocean live vast areas of the seabed, which humanity has never explored. This is a camera control. Can we reduce the speed to one node, please, now modern technology provides these scientists with an unprecedented opportunity to remove it. to the bottom to conduct …

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How Close Are We to Completely Mapping the Ocean?

We explored the jungle, desert, Arctic, even the moon. But one place still remains a largely unexplored enigma; our oceans Oceans occupy about 70% of the Earth’s surface, but we know more about the geography of Mars than about what lies at the bottom of the sea. But all this …

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