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New Zealand’s Rise as a Tech Giant

Oh oh This is Muriwai Beach in New Zealand This is a sheep and this is gandalf Most people come to new zealand to check out the country’s unmatched beauty and to get their middle-earth fix and that makes perfect sense But on this trip. I’m hunting for something else …

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Singularity – Humanity’s last invention

Technological singularity the point at which artificial superintelligence will evolve so fast that predicting the future becomes impossible. Name took from the black hole singularity, where the laws of physics break down. Since the past century, the advances in almost every field of science kept growing exponentially. Only one hundred …

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5 Mind-Blowing Technologies Right Around the Corner

The future is coming on fast and exciting times are approaching. In particular, technology is about to change the world like never before. In this video, we’ll take a look at five mind-blowing technologies right around the corner. Number 5, Water Bubbles Water bubbles could replace plastic bottles as we …

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