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Why the Ocean Has a Twilight Zone | Unveiled

What is the Twilight Zone of the Ocean? Is it possible that the Earth has a hidden place, just hidden from sight, filled with wonderful and inconspicuous views? Filled with strange, luminous animals that even our wildest fantasies could not come up with, creating an ecosystem so elusive and unique …

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GTN Ocean Clean-Up Special | GTN Show Ep. 87

– This is a GTN show. Yes, I know, we are back on the beach. But I thought that would be rude, because we are still here in Southern California. But we are here to talk about plastic, and what we, triathletes, can do to help the problem of plastic …

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Did The Ocean Cleanup Project Fail?

You’ve probably seen this before. Most likely, it was one of those things that you saw around Facebook for about a week, and then never heard from again. This is the first stand-alone Ocean Cleanup system. It was launched in September 2018, and since then little has been heard about …

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