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10 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

welcome to TV I an exciting place for science enthusiasts so today we are counting down the top 10 holographic technologies that are incredibly amazing and real so sit back relax and enjoy my friends number 10 a company Burton developed this laser plasma holographic device a true 3d display …

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12 Dangerous Android Apps You Need to Delete Immediately

Your attention, please. Twelve dangerous Android apps it’s better to delete immediately. WOO! But unfortunately not all of them have the best intentions some programs can collect data from your phone share your personal information and even steal money from your bank account *Ouch* Here’s a list of the most …

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Why It Takes 75 Elements To Make Your Cell Phone

Ahh, I broke my phone screen. Hey does anyone have any yttrium, terbium, europium, or gadolinium? ….or tape? Hey all you screen time junkies, Trace here for DNews. For futurists, technology is the great unifier, and the internet democratizes communication for all of humanity! The statistics organization IDC estimates 44 …

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