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Can eco-tourism help save the ocean? | The Economist

The coral triangle is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. More people live in these waters than anywhere else in the world, but here in Indonesia, destructive fishing practices and illegal poaching threaten whole species. machaca tanga daddy kombucha to me here, in ménage à la comida …

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America v China: a new kind of cold war | The Economist

The dispute between the United States and China is much more than an exchange for everything: from blockbusters to exploring the moon, from semiconductors to submarines in all areas where the spoiled America’s superpower relations are competing, believes that China is stealing secrets, stealing the way to domination, and then …

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Can conservation save our ocean? | The Economist

so we will follow these guys and see where they go, maybe they will go to their networks, which are somewhere here, the crew of this ship is in a mission to try to save one of the most threatened sea creatures on the planet we are now our installation …

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How sea cucumbers can help the ocean | The Economist

The ocean is facing an ecological catastrophe, you know that in reality we are faced with an emergency situation on the planet, when these ecosystems disappear, overfishing is a time bomb for both the planet and people. Hundreds of millions of people depend on tropical and small-scale fisheries for their …

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Secrets of the deep ocean | The Economist

Deep under the surface of the ocean live vast areas of the seabed, which humanity has never explored. This is a camera control. Can we reduce the speed to one node, please, now modern technology provides these scientists with an unprecedented opportunity to remove it. to the bottom to conduct …

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