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The SeaOrbiter: A Spaceship in the Ocean!?!

This Sea Orbiter is not a concept from the latest JJ Abrams Star Trek movie – even though it looks like an underwater version of a spaceship merged with a sailboat … This is real life soon arriving in the ocean – there is a research ship near you. It will be fully supplied with three sustainable sources of energy available to him in abundance: the sun, wind and waves, which will allow him to go much further, much longer than any ocean research vessel before, since he will not have to return to earth to to refuel The marine orbiter is the brainchild of French architect Jacques Rougetis, and it will exist mainly under water with housing for 22 researchers and crew members. He will actually launch divers and submarines from under the surface of the water so that missions do not depend on the weather. Prototypes have already been carefully modeled and tested, and funding has been collected, so the project does not stand still. It is this type of non-standard approach to exploring the sea that will be crucial in our quest to learn more about the still little-studied, little-studied ocean ecosystem that is most prevalent on Earth, containing 80 percent of all life. We are just beginning to understand how powerful all this water influences our biosphere is how insignificant changes in the ocean can create significant life-altering consequences for life on land. So we are in a hurry, which makes it. I really hope that the construction of a floating laboratory worth $ 50 million will begin in spring 2014. Thank you for watching. For daily conversation, I’m Bryce Planck. ,

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