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Trash found littering ocean floor in deepest-ever sub dive

Now the American researcher has allegedly completed the deepest dive of a person into the sea ever recorded for more information about this and other news from around the world, let’s turn to our Hon to you, so this is a remarkable achievement that cannot be denied, but the researcher returned to On the surface with some sad news, unfortunately, there is plastic trash. Unfortunately, yes, Victor Bosco, a retired Navy officer from Texas, made an alarming discovery when he dived ten and a half kilometers under the ocean to a point in the Pacific. The deepest place on earth is the deepest solitary immersion in history, but Veste Coburg found that even at the deepest point of the planet one could see plastic waste, such as plastic bags and candy wrappers. For the first time on Monday, travel details were released. who said that he and his team took on the task of testing the limits of human effort as much as it was a scientific discovery, it was an amazing experience, it was an amazing immersion, I think it was almost exactly 12 hours with three and a half to four hours below, I think that the longest that ever was at the bottom of the Challenger Deep, and then, after about four hours, I passed almost all my electricity and had to change batteries and circuits around it. It was, it was a great trip. Over the past three weeks, the expedition saw some really interesting things. The expedition made four dives in the Mariana Trench and the submarine Bess Kobus DSV. the limiting factor collecting biological and rock samples, as well as four new species that can give clues about the origin of life on Earth, the team said its scientists are going to test these samples to determine the percentage of plastics found in them.

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